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The invisible hand part II: Roman & italic type in the romantic age
Robert Bringhurst discusses the evolution of neoclassical type and typography into romantic type and typography during the eighteenth century enlightenment

1996 typographic design competition winners
The winners of our first competition, revealed at long last.

A conversation with Dave Farey
Christian Schwartz talks with Dave Farey about type design, Letraset and Eddie Izzard.

D. A. Hosek examines the design subtleties of the ninth letter.

Ceci n’est pas la typographie
John Hudson takes issue with typographic tribalism.

HTF Didot: A historical revival in the French neoclassical style
Jonathan Hoefler describes the design and history of his revival of Didot’s types.


New Faces
Bliss, Cézanne, Chandler 42, Finfont, Hightower, Pastonchi, Reactor, Verdana

Briefly Noted
Landmark type litigation in the works, Typeright, Free Emigre, Typography Papers, Cross-licensing and the big four, ATM Deluxe, The end of the font format wars?, Agfa-Monotype CD, Type books in Japan, Mrs Eaves, The strage case of Number 54 continued, Typographic Exposition

Book Reviews
Fontographer: Type by Design

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